Celebrating World Environment Day with a Harthal

Who said that politicians do not care about our environment? Who said that they have no idea how to solve our environmental problems? I think all these people had incorrect perceptions about politicians. Two of the major political parties in India - CPI(M) (Communist Party of India) and BJP(Bharathiya Janata Party) decided to celebrate World Environment Day in one of the most apt ways to do so - by calling for a general close down of all establishments, public and private sector, on that day. To be precise they called for a harthal.

Documenting the processes of running an IT company

A company is a sum total of all its employees running a set of defined (or undefinable) processes. Just like rome, building a company also takes time. It sure took me a lot of time to get Zyxware to this stage. Not that we have reached anywhere close to where I would like to be, but we have come far. I have taken great pains, given my non-business background to define and tune processes in the company. Now that I have a reasonably good set of working processes, I feel that I should be able to share it with fellow entrepreneurs around the world. Information should be open. We at zyxware firmly believe that. Whenever we don't stand to lose by revealing information we should open up information.

Apartments for sale near Sreekaryam


A couple of my friends have started a Construction Company. They have been working as independent contractors for some time and recently they got some funding and decided to go forward as builders. They have floated a company called ADS Associates and their office is located at TC 2/15(5), S. M. Plaza, Near Ulloor Bridge, Ulloor. Ph: 6455333. You can also reach them at adsbuilders_tvm (at the rate of) yahoo (dot) com.

Disclaimer about the usage of masculine and feminine pronouns


I run another blog with random thoughts that I come across in my daily life. The posts are pretty long and are primarily meant to make my ideas and convictions clearer about the thoughts and ideas I discuss about. The blog is not really meant for the casual reader and would require people with reasonable patience and interest in the topic to be able to read through the blog. The posts are also very often very long.

Cleaning up my email inbox


I must be receiving around 50 emails (not including spam) everyday. Quite a few are from free software mailing lists that I have subscribed. Some are from Zyxware.com in the form of automated notifications about actions on the site. It is not practical to go through all emails and I normally leave those mails that I cannot take action on or those mails that do not have subject lines worth looking at or those emails that do not require any action as unread. Over a course of time this accumulates and I end up spending hours at a stretch to clean up my inbox once in a while. Today was such a day.

How to not meet prospective employees


I am sure there must be lot of How To's online describing how you should behave and present yourself and your company to prospective employees. Here is my addition to that list but as a short how to on how to not meet prospective employees and/or their families. This how to applies very easily for IT companies but the cases might apply for non-IT companies also.

Firefox Download World Record


Firefox 3 is expected to be out soon and Mozilla is trying to create a World record of sorts by making Firefox 3 the software that gets the maximum number of downloads on a single day. This is a good marketing initiative by Mozilla and I think they are going to succeed in doing that given the popularity of Firefox. They have provided an option for people to signup to commit to download Firefox 3 the day it is released. Once you sign up you will get a reminder about the download once the release is announced. You can go ahead and sign up at http://www.spreadfirefox.com/en-US/worldrecord

My interview on Kairali TV related to Zyxware Health Monitoring System


In October 2007, Zyxware launched its first major venture - Zyxware Health Monitoring System and released the application under GPL. The application was a web based system which can be used to track occurrences of diseases across any given geographical area. The application had caught the attention of most of the print and television media and was well covered by the media. I had managed to get hold of a copy of one of my interviews and was planning to get it on youtube sometime. I just got around to doing it and here are the videos

Driving can be fun on Indian Roads


Today I had to drive around 30 kilometers to attend a wedding reception of one of my friends. In spite of my schedule I wanted to go because I had given him my word that I would be there for the reception. I was planning to go by bus as it would not have been any less convenient to go by bus than by car. However by the time I got out of my office it was already too late to go by bus. So I decided to go by car half-heartedly. Additionally I had to come back early to pick up and drop off a cousin of mine from her work to her home.

Need 2 cents of land near prime road side for rent or purchase


One of my friends need around 2 cents of land in or around Peroorkada/Vazhayila/Ambalamukku/Kowdiar for setting up an engineering workshop. He was running his engineering workshop - Empire Engineering Works, Trivandrum - near Ambalamukku and lost his land during the recent road widening. He is a very sincere fellow and a very hard working person and hence I thought I would lend him a helping hand. If any body knows a piece of land like this please get in touch with Mr. Baiju(9447220397) or send me an email and I will let him know.

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