Disclaimer about the usage of masculine and feminine pronouns


I run another blog with random thoughts that I come across in my daily life. The posts are pretty long and are primarily meant to make my ideas and convictions clearer about the thoughts and ideas I discuss about. The blog is not really meant for the casual reader and would require people with reasonable patience and interest in the topic to be able to read through the blog. The posts are also very often very long.

A lot of the discussions deals with philosophy and I end up having to speak in third person and inevitably have to use the pronoun him/her. To maintain gender equality I used to type him/her but as I started generating more posts where I have to speak in the third person very often the extra effort that I have to make to maintain gender equality have started looking inconvenient. Besides the his/her usage breaks up my chain of thought by putting an unnecessary OR operand in the middle of otherwise smooth sentences.

I have decided to give up the habit of using him/her and have decided to just go ahead and use the masculine forms of the pronouns wherever they are called for. The fairer sex of the species who happen to come across my blog please excuse this in the name of coherence of thought processes. Oh and by the way did I mention that I am not a firm believer in the equality of the sexes :). I will henceforth use the feminine forms only when called for. Any and all protest shall not be heard upon.

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