I am sick of these hartals


I have lost count of the number of hartals that were called since I started Zyxware. Hartals affects the normal life of the common man. It is as if he is totally under the power of the political leaders. Yet it is this common man who possesses the power to defeat a hartal; but he does not; why? I can't stand this injustice and I have decided to act, and I have acted and the result is http://www.boycotthartal.org.

Celebrating World Environment Day with a Harthal

Who said that politicians do not care about our environment? Who said that they have no idea how to solve our environmental problems? I think all these people had incorrect perceptions about politicians. Two of the major political parties in India - CPI(M) (Communist Party of India) and BJP(Bharathiya Janata Party) decided to celebrate World Environment Day in one of the most apt ways to do so - by calling for a general close down of all establishments, public and private sector, on that day. To be precise they called for a harthal.

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