Every year Facebook sends me a gift on the 7th of October

Every year, Facebook sends me a gift on the 7th of October. The gift is a day of fame on Facebook. Well, 7th October is my birthday and for 24 hours Facebook lets everybody in my friends list on Facebook know that it is my birthday and prods them to wish me a happy birthday. For the first few years of my existence on Facebook I just thanked everybody who wished me good on this day of fame. Well, not anymore, I now use this opportunity as best as I can. This year I have decided to promote Organ Donation

Facebook is a platform where the one who shouts the most to most people gets heard the most. I am not much of a shouter on Facebook because I am not on it regularly. I have found it to eat into my productivity when I am around. However every year on my birthday, for the last three years, I have been using the free publicity Facebook gives me.

During the first year I promoted a post about job openings in Zyxware - https://www.facebook.com/minking.than/posts/10150321933621186. The next year I invited people to donate to one of the non-profits in the Give India website.

This year I have invited people to sign up as Organ Donors. I have also written and published a brief note about Organ Donation in India. I hope that the stunt will help spread the word about the importance of organ donation at least in my friend circles.

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