RBI throttles Paypal - One step forward and two step backward


I got this mail from paypal today that said that they are adding new restrictions to their offerings to Indian users of paypal because of RBI regulations. The changes have a pre-1990 feel to it. It looks like somebody somewhere thought that a vibrant and growing SME sector is bad for the Indian economy. Just when you started thinking that India is changing and becoming a good place to start your startup.

A confident entrepreneur is a soothing sight to see


I recently came across a young man who is still in college and running his own company with 2 of his friends. I have seen kids in college who dream of starting companies once they are established in life. I happen to be one of these latter. But here was a chap who dreamed of it and then went ahead and did it and then succeeding in setting up something that is going to succeed really well. I did not see his friends as they were in different colleges. Ladies and Gentlemen I present before you Prasanth P, Jacob Thomas and Rahul R of Opdyne.

Need Help to find people who invest in Shares / Stock Market


I need some urgent help from my friends and relatives to find people who invest in the Indian Stock Market. I have invested in setting up a Stock Brokerage Firm - Stock Shop India - at Pattom, Trivandrum and the fall in the market has hit us badly. To recover we need to build our customer base rapidly. If you/friends/relatives invest in shares and trade at either NSE or BSE do consider opening an account at my firm. And not for nothing. I can probably offer you one of the lowest brokerage rates in the Market

I am sick of these hartals


I have lost count of the number of hartals that were called since I started Zyxware. Hartals affects the normal life of the common man. It is as if he is totally under the power of the political leaders. Yet it is this common man who possesses the power to defeat a hartal; but he does not; why? I can't stand this injustice and I have decided to act, and I have acted and the result is

Zyxware gearing up for a big campaign in 2008


Zyxware turned 2 on the 24th of June 2008. It has been a heck of an adventure full of excitement for the last two years and I am loving it. This year is slated to be far more exciting with a slew of projects and programs scheduled to be unveiled within the coming 5-6 months.

Utilizing wikipedia content to create content oriented systems


I have just started looking at content oriented systems. As part of this experiment I have registered a few domains and have started setting up content management systems and content on these domains. My first experiment is a Guide on Home Mortgage.

Documenting the processes of running an IT company

A company is a sum total of all its employees running a set of defined (or undefinable) processes. Just like rome, building a company also takes time. It sure took me a lot of time to get Zyxware to this stage. Not that we have reached anywhere close to where I would like to be, but we have come far. I have taken great pains, given my non-business background to define and tune processes in the company. Now that I have a reasonably good set of working processes, I feel that I should be able to share it with fellow entrepreneurs around the world. Information should be open. We at zyxware firmly believe that. Whenever we don't stand to lose by revealing information we should open up information.

My interview on Kairali TV related to Zyxware Health Monitoring System


In October 2007, Zyxware launched its first major venture - Zyxware Health Monitoring System and released the application under GPL. The application was a web based system which can be used to track occurrences of diseases across any given geographical area. The application had caught the attention of most of the print and television media and was well covered by the media. I had managed to get hold of a copy of one of my interviews and was planning to get it on youtube sometime. I just got around to doing it and here are the videos

Zyxware starts selling on Ebay


It has been quite some time since our request to start a seller account was approved on ebay. However we had not gotten around to setting up items to be sold on ebay. Today I sat down and configured one item on ebay. It is a Ubuntu 8.04 DVD. You can also access the complete listings of products by Zyxware Technologies on Ebay

Exploring revenue generation opportunities in Free Software


Zyxware has been carving for itself a niche in the local market as a trusted promoter and supporter of Free Software and related technologies. As the company has been growing we have been trying to figure out methods to capitalize on this brand value and in generating revenues and at the same time give back to the community.

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