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A new record and a programming competition

I am an 8hr sleep person. If I sleep less than that I normally would end up being groggy the following day. I attribute this requirement to the high levels of mental activity :-). But I don't mind sitting night outs where i don't sleep at all for 24 hrs. Also I used to consider that 5hrs was the barest minimum single stretch of sleep that is worth putting effort into (yes sleeping does require effort). If the amount of sleep I could possibly get was going to be lower than that my normal decision would be to go all the way and sit a night out. I don't remember ever having slept fewer than 5 hrs before today.

Freedom Walk on FSF blogs

During the Free Software Free Society Conference recently held in Trivandrum, I had an opportunity to interact with none other than the one and only RMS and shared my experiences about the Freedom Walk campaign. He asked me for detailed information about the campaign which I had gladly provided. This has now been published on the FSF blog and you can read this article about Freedom Walk on FSF

Google has a new Favicon


I don't know if people notice favicons, but I do, especially given that I use Firefox and heavily uses tabs for browsing. For those who has not yet noticed this Google has started using a more colorful favicon which is a slightly modified version of its elegant blue g favicon that it was using until this change.

For goodness sake use that feed reader - A howto on using a feed reader


Whenever friends call me, they ask me what I have been up to these days and how my company is doing. I humor these questions by explaining in detail what I have been up to and on what Zyxware has been doing recently. But the sad part about this exercise is that I would very likely have blogged about all major events on my blog or updated on my company site. When I mention this the excuse I would normally get is that they check the sites once in a while but missed the recent updates. This, by Jove!, is what Feed Readers are for.

A confident entrepreneur is a soothing sight to see


I recently came across a young man who is still in college and running his own company with 2 of his friends. I have seen kids in college who dream of starting companies once they are established in life. I happen to be one of these latter. But here was a chap who dreamed of it and then went ahead and did it and then succeeding in setting up something that is going to succeed really well. I did not see his friends as they were in different colleges. Ladies and Gentlemen I present before you Prasanth P, Jacob Thomas and Rahul R of Opdyne.

Trying out my hand in taking formal classes


For the last 3 days I have been taking formal Free Software training sessions. On Tue I presented a Free Software Training Seminar at Rajagiri College of Social Studies (Kochi) for the MCA students there. For the next two days I taught a Basic Computer Awareness (using Free Software) class at the Police Training College at Thiruvananthapuram. Having just come back from the Freedom Walk campaign, I seem to have started building a liking for formal training opportunities.

Articulating the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and beyond

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my cousin Thomas who is running his own firm in Bangalore (Stylus Inc). We normally have these long cousin-cousin talks once in a while, where he would closely enquire about happenings with Zyxware and share his contextually relevant experiences in building up his firm. Yesterday we discussed about the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and he impressed upon me the need to get it out in the public.

Back to work after Freedom Walk


I completed my pilgrimage across Kerala and resumed my life at Zyxware this Monday. Freedom Walk ended on the 14th but then I had to present a paper on Zyxware at the National Conference on Free Software, and was away for the weekend. Back in office I have a tonne of pending stuff to take care of but am slowly getting back on track. I also have a lot to write on my experiences from the Freedom Walk campaign.

My mothers home remedy for curing sore throats - It works !!!


Today I woke up with a bad sore throat. Sore throats are nothing to worry about and my body normally takes care of it in 2-3 days normally and they don't affect my work. But this time I couldn't take that risk as I had to leave for Kasargod for the upcoming Freedom Walk in another two days. I cannot afford to miss the starting date as I am the only person who has currently volunteered for the whole walk from Kasargod to Trivandrum and if I miss the start date, there wouldn't be another person as there is not another person who has committed for the full stint. I woke up with the growls associated with sore throats and my mother, who is currently with me, spotted this and deduced the cause. She immediately concocted a potion and brought it to me.

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