FREE Online Audit of Drupal sites - first online product from Zyxware


I am happy to announce the release of the first online product from Zyxware - Drupal Site Review. This is a free service that will allow you to run an online audit of your Drupal site. No sign ups are required and you will only have to submit the website URL and the email where you want the report to be sent.

Every year Facebook sends me a gift on the 7th of October

Every year, Facebook sends me a gift on the 7th of October. The gift is a day of fame on Facebook. Well, 7th October is my birthday and for 24 hours Facebook lets everybody in my friends list on Facebook know that it is my birthday and prods them to wish me a happy birthday. For the first few years of my existence on Facebook I just thanked everybody who wished me good on this day of fame. Well, not anymore, I now use this opportunity as best as I can. This year I have decided to promote Organ Donation

Real estate brokers around Trivandrum city


A while back I had to find a new apartment / house to move to. I tried different channels - online sites, newspaper advertisments, real estate brokers and social networking sites - to find a new place. Ultimately I found the place through a reference from a friend of mine. However in the process of searching for the apartment I had reached out to more than a dozen real estate brokers around the city. The following are the contact numbers and names for these real estate brokers. I am documenting them here for my own use and to possibly help anybody else looking for real estate brokers in Trivandrum. I am in no way vouching for these people or their services. Use at your own risk / discretion.

Script to connect automatically to Reliance broadband internet connection

We had switched to a Reliance broadband internet connection recently from our Asianet connection. Reliance connections requires you to authenticate via http to get connected to the Internet. This was a minor inconvenience since we wanted to connect and remain connected without having to login manually. For this we created a script that will login automatically to the Reliance broadband connection and will also reconnect automatically if the connection is dropped. The script that we created has been released via our github account as Free Software under GPL.

Ubuntu 11.10 released - Looking for more Windows users to Switch to Ubuntu

Ubuntu 11.10 has been released and the usual buildup of excitement in the Ubuntu community is evident in terms of articles and reviews around the same popping up all over the place. Ubuntu Manual team has taken this opportunity to release an installation guide for Ubuntu 11.10. As Ubuntu installations are becoming more and more easier (as with any other GNU/Linux installations) I hope more people are going to try out and switch to Ubuntu (or one of the many GNU/Linux distros).

Perseverance is the only guaranteed way to success.


I wrote quite a while back about this close friend of mine who was trying to make it in the music industry as a Music Director. It looks like he has already gone a long way in this direction. He had since then started a music company and has already created and released an album - Megha Malhar. Pretty impressive stuff for somebody who had to work his way against the system and get out of the career he has been trained for by the system to follow a career as directed by his passion.

RBI throttles Paypal - One step forward and two step backward


I got this mail from paypal today that said that they are adding new restrictions to their offerings to Indian users of paypal because of RBI regulations. The changes have a pre-1990 feel to it. It looks like somebody somewhere thought that a vibrant and growing SME sector is bad for the Indian economy. Just when you started thinking that India is changing and becoming a good place to start your startup.

We (Zyxware) are looking for more Software Engineers


I guess this is becoming the most popular topic on this site of late. Yes you are right - we are hiring again. And obviously we are looking for more software engineers. Zyxware is growing exponentially and we are looking to hire as many good candidates as we can find. You can APPLY ONLINE as in the past. More positions are open and you can see details at Zyxware Careers. Like in the past FOSS contributions would give candidates a strong advantage over other applicants.

Software Engineer positions open at Zyxware


We are looking for more people to expand our software development team. More positions are open and you can see details at Zyxware Careers. After having used Naukri successfully for our last round of hiring in June we have posted the job ad for PHP Developers - - again in Naukri. Like in the past FOSS contributions would give candidates an extreme advantage over other applicants.

Zyxware is hiring again


Multiple positions are open at Zyxware. Unlike in the past we are looking primarily to hire experienced hands this time. As had been true in the past, demonstrable Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) contributions would give candidates an extreme advantage over other applicants. Please see Zyxware Careers to see more details and apply.

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