Apartments for sale near Sreekaryam


A couple of my friends have started a Construction Company. They have been working as independent contractors for some time and recently they got some funding and decided to go forward as builders. They have floated a company called ADS Associates and their office is located at TC 2/15(5), S. M. Plaza, Near Ulloor Bridge, Ulloor. Ph: 6455333. You can also reach them at adsbuilders_tvm (at the rate of) yahoo (dot) com.

Their first project is an apartment complex near sreekaryam. When you get in touch with the builders - Navaz or Ajith - let them know how you know me and maybe you might get a reduction :). I don't have too much idea about their construction skills or their business policies. I have known them to be good people and thought I would lend a hand.

People, who are looking for the apartment or other real estate property in India, can get the information of the various upcoming, ongoing and completed projects at this site. This site also helps people to collect information about the location, facilities and price details of these projects. People can also contact at 800-232-2343 or 0120-4338222 for any query or immediate information.

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