Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday?

It was August 18th Tuesday 2.30AM. I woke up with this big dilemma - "Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday. It all started the previous Friday, the 14th, the day before India's 63rd Independence day. But before that, a context about my definition of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

And the earth continued to rotate

I woke up today expecting the earth to have stopped rotating on its axis or to have stopped revolving around the sun. It looks like neither happened and she was already past midway between her daily routine when I woke up in the morning today. I was always under the impression everything would come to a standstill if I don't have mobile connectivity. Yesterday I did not turn on my cell phone but for setting my wakeup alarm and it has been mostly switched off till now, almost 48 hrs later.

You don't need a horn to drive in Trivandrum City


Last day I gave my car for service and got its horn repaired. It must have been almost two months since the horn stopped working and I have been driving for the last two months without a horn. Can you believe this? I mean I never thought I would survive a day without horn driving on Indian roads. But I did and I am no meek driver.

Celebrating World Environment Day with a Harthal

Who said that politicians do not care about our environment? Who said that they have no idea how to solve our environmental problems? I think all these people had incorrect perceptions about politicians. Two of the major political parties in India - CPI(M) (Communist Party of India) and BJP(Bharathiya Janata Party) decided to celebrate World Environment Day in one of the most apt ways to do so - by calling for a general close down of all establishments, public and private sector, on that day. To be precise they called for a harthal.

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