How my work is taking control over my life

I am an aggressive advocate of the policy of trying to be in control over ones own life. Absolute control over ones life is a myth as man is a social animal and there are too many interdependencies and too many external parameters that he cannot possibly be in control of. Buy my philosophy is to take control of at least those parameters of your life which you can possibly control. You can never get in complete control over your life but you can control it to varying degrees depending on your circumstances. There were certain areas of my life that I was under the impression of having been in complete control over but which proved to be not so.

Looking to Invest? Looking to Invest in ING Vysya?


Do you have some excess funds that you are planning to invest? Have you already set your sights on ING Vysya? If you answer yes to any of these questions then you have come to the right blog. One of my friend's mother is working part time for ING Vysya and she is looking for investors.

Walking to promote Activism - Freedom Walk

I have long been saying that I wanted to actively get involved in Social Activism. When I started the company Zyxware, the definite vision was to be able to use the company to actively drive the change I wished to see in the world. We have been in operation for more than two years now and we are embarking on a very ambitious project this time. It is called Freedom Walk and a team of volunteers are going to walk from Kasargod to Trivandrum to mobilize Social, Environmental and Free Software Activism and to promote collaboration between activist Individuals and organizations across the state. I for one am planning to walk all the way from Kasargod to Trivandrum and we already have a team of volunteers who have signed up to walk in stretches.

Cool Onam Song by Budding Music Director from Trivandrum


One of my very close friends - Damodar Narayanan - is an aspiring Music Director. He has the talent and the passion and that I think is going to take him places. I respect this fellow for one more thing - he was bold enough to quit his job in Bangalore and come to Trivandrum and then get a job here so that he could dedicate more time to move towards his goal. He has been directing and composing music since then and these have been featured in Malayalam Television Channels. I am not a big music buff but I liked this song and thought I should share this with my friends. Check this out.

Thanks to all people who helped in the GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark


The GNU/Linux Install Fest at Technopark concluded successfully on the 5th and we packed and came back to Zyxware after a hectic week at Technopark. We had also deployed India's first Freedom Toaster which currently sits grandly near the reception counter of the Nila building in Technopark. Our complete hardware sales and services operations had come virtually to a standstill during this one week. However it was a big relief to have completed the fest successfully.

Taking Free Software to Technopark


I have been on my toes for the last one month doing the ground work for the upcoming GNU/Linux Install Fest in Technopark. The install fest is scheduled for the first week of September and you can read more about it at GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum's website. Preparations for the fest are still underway and we have got most of the issues under control.

Say No to Software Patents - Join Candle Light Vigil Protest in Bangalore


Software Patents are bad - Period. The patent system was created to protect inventors from being robbed of their inventions by bigger players or bad people. Software companies want software patents because they want to patent generic and designs and algorithms to prevent anybody else from using them or to gain royalties from using them. Software is just a means of processing information and information should be open.

Need Help to find people who invest in Shares / Stock Market


I need some urgent help from my friends and relatives to find people who invest in the Indian Stock Market. I have invested in setting up a Stock Brokerage Firm - Stock Shop India - at Pattom, Trivandrum and the fall in the market has hit us badly. To recover we need to build our customer base rapidly. If you/friends/relatives invest in shares and trade at either NSE or BSE do consider opening an account at my firm. And not for nothing. I can probably offer you one of the lowest brokerage rates in the Market

St. Antonys Public School, Anakkal, (SAPS) Alumni Register Here


I did my 11th and 12th classes at St. Antony's Public School, Anakkal, Kanjirappally. We have yearly alumni get togethers and last meeting a decision was made to revamp our alumni network. Towards this goal we are building our alumni database. Since the website is still under development, we are collecting the information via google docs.

Atrocious Energy Wastage in Technopark, Trivandrum


I had written recently on a simple way to fight global warming - reduce consumption. Now governments across the world have been preaching to people in their own states about conserving energy. The same has been happening in Kerala, especially with energy reserves (hydroelectric) hovering close to the empty mark. I was impressed about our system when I saw the public interest advertisements that were being shown related to this, i.e. until I saw the Park Center reception center at Technopark last week.

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