A thief, a failed robbery attempt and 450 parathas


We must really be famous. News about our fame and riches have even percolated to the underworld as well. What else can you infer from the recent burglary attempt at Zyxware One. Oh, by the way, our office locations are now known as Zyxware One and Zyxware Two. Numbering not scalable? - Yeah I know. It would be funny talking about Zyxware Sixteen Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Four :-). Back to the little robbery story.

Goodbye Evil World. I leave all my possessions to my twin.

The world is evil and it is not yet ready for a man like me. I have tried my best but I think it is not my time yet. I feel sad to be bidding adieu but I think I have to take leave of you all now. I would like to thank all of you who have helped me directly and indirectly in the past. If I have done anybody any wrong, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I have never tried to hurt anybody intentionally, I have never tried to be unfair to anybody. I tried my best. All I really wanted to do was to give my best shot at changing the world. Anyway that is another story. I leave all my worldly possessions to my twin brother who will handle all my matters from today onwards. Adieu, brothers and sisters, and uncles and aunts, and grand fathers and grand mothers, Adieu.

Free Chickenpox Immunization Services - Limited time Offer

Ministry of Health, Government of Kerala, announced that free anti-rabies vaccine will be provided to all dog-bite victims in the state. This generosity was triggered by the new intra-dermal vaccine that is far cheaper than the earlier intra-muscular one. Pledging solidarity with the Government's gesture, I will be offering Free Chickenpox immunization for anybody interested.

Disclaimer about the usage of masculine and feminine pronouns


I run another blog with random thoughts that I come across in my daily life. The posts are pretty long and are primarily meant to make my ideas and convictions clearer about the thoughts and ideas I discuss about. The blog is not really meant for the casual reader and would require people with reasonable patience and interest in the topic to be able to read through the blog. The posts are also very often very long.

How to not meet prospective employees


I am sure there must be lot of How To's online describing how you should behave and present yourself and your company to prospective employees. Here is my addition to that list but as a short how to on how to not meet prospective employees and/or their families. This how to applies very easily for IT companies but the cases might apply for non-IT companies also.

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