Celebrating World Environment Day with a Harthal

Who said that politicians do not care about our environment? Who said that they have no idea how to solve our environmental problems? I think all these people had incorrect perceptions about politicians. Two of the major political parties in India - CPI(M) (Communist Party of India) and BJP(Bharathiya Janata Party) decided to celebrate World Environment Day in one of the most apt ways to do so - by calling for a general close down of all establishments, public and private sector, on that day. To be precise they called for a harthal.

Could anybody else have thought of a better way to let the world know that we care? We care enough so that we decided to forgo one full day of valuable productivity and let people know of the importance of cutting down on emissions. Could there have been a better way to let the world know that we are willing to do whatever that needs to be done to discourage people from consuming excess energy, even if that might include a rise in fuel prices?

I mean these guys in politics are really brilliant. No country or state anywhere else in the world could have come up with such a brilliant way to celebrate the world environment day. The way we decided to do this was so meaningful that we have to agree that we have geniuses in our political parties and our future is safe in their hands. We successfully kept a nation (at least quite a lot of it / even if not quite, a few states at least) home for a day. By doing that we cut emissions of our country by around 1/250 (approx 250 working days) in a single day. That is just amazing. Scale it up and you get approximately 150% in a full year. This is quite significant given that countries like America are setting goals of like 25% emission reduction in 15 years.

I think we should send these politicians across planet earth so that they could share with the rest of the world their expertise and their capabilities. Why should we limit ourselves to our planet. We should pack them and send them to other galaxies. I am sure you won't find as capable people there as we have here. Think of how beautiful a place to live in our earth (and the rest of the universe) would be if we ever did that. It is true, sharing what you have is only going to increase your happiness.

Hehe hilarious. You should do more of humor :-)

"No other state in the world celebtrated env day by threatening to throw stones at the chief source of carbon emission . Kerala rocks ". - Borrowed from the status message of someone in my IM list :D:D

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