Documenting the processes of running an IT company

A company is a sum total of all its employees running a set of defined (or undefinable) processes. Just like rome, building a company also takes time. It sure took me a lot of time to get Zyxware to this stage. Not that we have reached anywhere close to where I would like to be, but we have come far. I have taken great pains, given my non-business background to define and tune processes in the company. Now that I have a reasonably good set of working processes, I feel that I should be able to share it with fellow entrepreneurs around the world. Information should be open. We at zyxware firmly believe that. Whenever we don't stand to lose by revealing information we should open up information.

As part of this initiative we are preparing to document all our internal processes and make it available on Zyxware Website. Since this is a very tedious process, it should take us some time to get it online completely. But publish we will.

There is also another objective in publishing our processes. In addition to providing startup companies a head start we we will be putting our processes to the scrutiny of several capable people across the world and I am sure that we are bound to get feedback from these people. If that works out, our processes will be fine tuned not just by Zyxware employees but by a lot of smart people across the world.

All the documents will be published under the category Company Documents and you should be able to see them at Zyxware Company Documents Page. In addition to the processes we have been and will be publishing other template documents that we have used/are using for our company operations.

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