Perseverance is the only guaranteed way to success.


I wrote quite a while back about this close friend of mine who was trying to make it in the music industry as a Music Director. It looks like he has already gone a long way in this direction. He had since then started a music company and has already created and released an album - Megha Malhar. Pretty impressive stuff for somebody who had to work his way against the system and get out of the career he has been trained for by the system to follow a career as directed by his passion.

A confident entrepreneur is a soothing sight to see


I recently came across a young man who is still in college and running his own company with 2 of his friends. I have seen kids in college who dream of starting companies once they are established in life. I happen to be one of these latter. But here was a chap who dreamed of it and then went ahead and did it and then succeeding in setting up something that is going to succeed really well. I did not see his friends as they were in different colleges. Ladies and Gentlemen I present before you Prasanth P, Jacob Thomas and Rahul R of Opdyne.

Trying out my hand in taking formal classes


For the last 3 days I have been taking formal Free Software training sessions. On Tue I presented a Free Software Training Seminar at Rajagiri College of Social Studies (Kochi) for the MCA students there. For the next two days I taught a Basic Computer Awareness (using Free Software) class at the Police Training College at Thiruvananthapuram. Having just come back from the Freedom Walk campaign, I seem to have started building a liking for formal training opportunities.

It is never too late to follow your passion


I am an ardent advocate of the theory that people should follow their dreams and passions than just follow orthodox conventions. I believe I have been doing that myself and I try to promote anybody who I think is doing that. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to see people try that and succeed in it. One of the excuses I hear from people is that they have made wrong career/educational choices and that they are stuck with their choices. Oh no I don't, neither does one of my friends - Jeoraj Stanley George

Promoting entrepreneurship in whatever way I can


"If you think you can make it out on your own you should at least give it a shot.", "If you think you can, You should", "It is your life, you live only once" - These are some of the sentences that would summarize my opinion about entrepreneurship. I am an entrepreneur and am enjoying every second of being one. I know how difficult it has been to be in a system that does not, in any way, promote entrepreneurial spirit and does what ever it can to stifle the spirit. I have survived this long and I know I shall prevail. Because of what I have faced I have made it a point to do whatever I can to help get other entrepreneurs going.

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