FREE Online Audit of Drupal sites - first online product from Zyxware


I am happy to announce the release of the first online product from Zyxware - Drupal Site Review. This is a free service that will allow you to run an online audit of your Drupal site. No sign ups are required and you will only have to submit the website URL and the email where you want the report to be sent.

First Drupal Membership, Now FSF Membership


Zyxware had earlier joined the drupal association and now we have paid for one associate membership for the CEO, viz myself :-).

FSF Member Drupal Association Member Badge


Finally, we became a proud member of Drupal Association

We (Zyxware) started working on Drupal around two and a half years ago. I had selected drupal as the platform to work with after countless hours of review of other solutions. Ever since we started working with drupal, I used to pull up Drupal Association and toy with the idea of joining the association because I wanted to do more than contribute code to drupal. Finally I took the plunge and signed up Zyxware as a formal member of Drupal Association

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