We (Zyxware) are looking for more Software Engineers


I guess this is becoming the most popular topic on this site of late. Yes you are right - we are hiring again. And obviously we are looking for more software engineers. Zyxware is growing exponentially and we are looking to hire as many good candidates as we can find. You can APPLY ONLINE as in the past. More positions are open and you can see details at Zyxware Careers. Like in the past FOSS contributions would give candidates a strong advantage over other applicants.

We are always on the lookout for good candidates for positions current and future. So even if you don't find a position that does not fit your experience/capabilities and you are keen on working with us do get in touch with us and we can work out something for you. But remember, you should fit the general specifications listed at Zyxware careers.

Although we are specifically looking for experienced hands we would love to hire smart freshers as well. If you think you would fit in get in touch with us. But do your homework and let us know why you think you would be a good fit in the company. Send us your resume and write a one page (A4 ~1000 words) essay on why we should hire you? Tell us about what makes you special and tell us about your track record. If you claim something make sure you prove it too with samples of your work or relevant examples. If you can impress us with your cover letter, expect a call from us. Send your resume to careers at zyxware.com

Those of you who are referring your friends please ensure that you get in touch with me directly to let me know about the applicants.

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