How lawlessness of others cost me money


Some time back I had blogged about building owners manipulating the interpretation of building codes to construct illegal structures near roads being widened in Trivandrum. The Corporation of Trivandrum decided to take stern action against this and decided to demolish all buildings that had been built without proper sanctions near the roads being widened. The demolishing team turned off the local electric power distribution for their work and this left Zyxware in almost 1 1/2 days without electricity.

I totally stand with the corporations decision to demolish the buildings that had violated the building codes. I am however disappointed that they had to turn off power supply for one full day plus intermittently for 2 days to get their demolishing act done. Yes it is true that they used heavy equipment to demolish the buildings and they had to turn off the supply in the distribution lines to prevent any possibly accidents with their heavy machines accidentally shorting the supply lines.

This would have cost the government a lot in the future if it had left the issues be. Well and good and I support this action. However this cost me a lot. To be precise it cost me a full day of productivity of my entire team. I had backup power for the computers but the power backup for the fans and lights was for only around 2 hours. Now I have realized the importance of backup power for computers as well as for fans and lights.

By around noon all of us were sitting outside the office as the heat inside was unbearable. It was surprising because were were on the ground floor of a building. I had never realized that I had become so dependent on electricity as I am now, both as a person and as the owner of a company. When I was young, I remember having power problems in our village. There were several instances where power had failed for multiple days at a time. I never remember a time when it had become as unbearable as it was yesterday.

I also had a day off from my laptop. It was a good change but with all the pending work it was not very amusing :). We were told that there wouldn't be supply today either but thank goodness that it did not happen. Had it happened we were planning on a trip to Neyyar dam to have some fun as a company. Personally I prefer to sit in front of a computer and work but these are small sacrifices that you have to make when you are running a company. Any way we did not have to go as we had no power problems today and I am here sitting in front of my laptop happily typing by blog.

I have to wake up early tomorrow to go and pick up Anivar Aravind, a Free Software and Social Activist. He will be in Trivandrum for a day and we have some ideas regarding the Mammooty issue that I had posted a couple of days back.