Real estate brokers around Trivandrum city


A while back I had to find a new apartment / house to move to. I tried different channels - online sites, newspaper advertisments, real estate brokers and social networking sites - to find a new place. Ultimately I found the place through a reference from a friend of mine. However in the process of searching for the apartment I had reached out to more than a dozen real estate brokers around the city. The following are the contact numbers and names for these real estate brokers. I am documenting them here for my own use and to possibly help anybody else looking for real estate brokers in Trivandrum. I am in no way vouching for these people or their services. Use at your own risk / discretion.

Shibu (Maruthunkuzhi) - 9847436673
Rajendran (Maruthunkuzhi) - 9746831485
Jayan (Ambalamukku) - 9387802659
Soman (Ambalamukku) - 9747968354
Ani (Ambalamukku) - 9142501169
Manikyam (Peroorkada) - 9746154789
Nandakumar (Peroorkada) - 9744234772, 9349738527
Nazer (Vattiyoorkavu) - 9349795601
Sasi (Vattiyoorkavu) - 9526423910
Kumar (Sasthamangalam) - 9995716328
Sindhukumar (Ulloor) - 9645173939
Suresh (Kesavadasapuram) - 9895495929
Sabu (Pattom) - 9846048568
Ani (Pattom) - 9895020785
Shinoj (Pottakkuzhy) - 9447586978
Sabu (Medical College) - 9809282002
Shibu - 9744707041
Peroorkada - 9895401103

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