Software Project Manager position open at Zyxware


As we (Zyxware) are gearing to enter the next phase in the life of our company i.e. growing from a small business to a medium enterprise we are looking for people to take up key positions in our operations. One position which we are planning to fill as soon as possible is that of a Project Manager. We are looking for a mid level IT professional with good Project Management capabilities for this position

Scalability - the mantra for sustainable social change

Setting out to make social change is good to hear but it is tough to actually get done. I haven't made any or for that matter actually have started doing anything big towards that but I have had opportunities to be part of or to contribute to multiple ventures/initiatives over the course of the last 4 years. Through these learning experiences I have come to realize the importance of two factors for making sustainable social change - persistence and scalability. A case in point is the TidyCity campaign which started in 2009 and which has been gaining ground and momentum over the past year or so.

First Drupal Membership, Now FSF Membership


Zyxware had earlier joined the drupal association and now we have paid for one associate membership for the CEO, viz myself :-).

FSF Member Drupal Association Member Badge


We are all part of an unfair system. Care to change it?

Today at 4PM 14 people met together in a comfortable room at the Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and employment (SPACE). These were people who came together because they wanted to see how they could contribute towards fighting unfairness and injustice in the world. These were people who came together because they felt that they could do something about it.

Are you interested in doing your bit about eradicating poverty?

Anybody who has put some thought into the problems faced by our society would easily rate poverty as one of the biggest of them all. And most would immediately point their fingers at the respective governments as the only responsible agents to solve this. But not many would realize that poverty (or rather, a lot of it) is a habit and you can train people out of this habit.

We are looking for a Marketing Manager

We (Zyxware) are looking for a Marketing Manager to bolster our sales and growth. We have been depending on passive marketing ever since we started but we have reached a stage where we need a person who can dedicatedly focus on marketing and growth through marketing. The person we are looking for should also understand that we are a company which was started with a vision and hence has a very strong commitment towards our ethics and principles. There are also other interesting positions open. Check out Zyxware Careers for more details.

Finally, we became a proud member of Drupal Association

We (Zyxware) started working on Drupal around two and a half years ago. I had selected drupal as the platform to work with after countless hours of review of other solutions. Ever since we started working with drupal, I used to pull up Drupal Association and toy with the idea of joining the association because I wanted to do more than contribute code to drupal. Finally I took the plunge and signed up Zyxware as a formal member of Drupal Association

Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday?

It was August 18th Tuesday 2.30AM. I woke up with this big dilemma - "Is it today, tomorrow or yesterday. It all started the previous Friday, the 14th, the day before India's 63rd Independence day. But before that, a context about my definition of today, tomorrow and yesterday.

The Free Software Ecosystem

If you have worked with Free Software at some point of time in your career then you would definitely have come across this question from some quarters. How does Free Software work. Although it is theoretically possible to make money with Free Software not too many people are doing this. That is because quite a lot of people work for Free Software because of what Free Software is and because of the community behind Free Software. I am presenting here a graphical representation of the Free Software Ecosystem.

And the earth continued to rotate

I woke up today expecting the earth to have stopped rotating on its axis or to have stopped revolving around the sun. It looks like neither happened and she was already past midway between her daily routine when I woke up in the morning today. I was always under the impression everything would come to a standstill if I don't have mobile connectivity. Yesterday I did not turn on my cell phone but for setting my wakeup alarm and it has been mostly switched off till now, almost 48 hrs later.

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