Why do I work late - consistently


I am a confessed and professed night bird. I sit late and I am comfortable doing it. People have been warning me of the possible health risks I might run into as I grow older. However I seem to not be able to help it. Take for an example today.

Today I woke up late (as usual). I had slept very late (again as usual). As an exception I had not been working yesterday night but rather had gone to a cousins place yesterday night. He was moving to Trivandrum and I had gone over yesterday night to help move the stuff into the apartment. The lorry and crew came in around 1AM and they were done around 3:30AM in the morning and I came back and slept.

The whole of today I was running errands, either for my business or for my relatives. In the morning I had gone over to a customers place to pick up a load of receipts which he had requested to be digitized. However when I reached there somebody in the office had given the project to somebody else's(from the same office) son.

I came back and then went out in the afternoon to take a couple of my relatives to another's place. I came back and then barely got enough time to sit with the software team to discuss about the projects they were doing. Around this time one of my Free Software friends dropped by to pay me a visit and I had a rather interesting discussion on strategies to promote free software in the local market.

I had lunch around 4PM. Another of my customers dropped by and then there were a spate of phone calls which I had to take care off because there is a shortage of staff in our hardware team. Then I had to go out again in the evening to go for a board meeting of Stock Shop India, a stock brokerage firm that I am a partner of. I came back around 10PM and now I have to update ubuntu on one of the laptops I had sold some time back.

I practically did not waste a single minute of time. Now the only stretch of time that I get sit in front of my laptop and do some work is in the night. Now tell me how else I can manage to work peacefully if not at night. Besides I am ultra efficient in the evenings and into the night and am barely efficient in the mornings.

Do not worry about it. People were advising me during my teens that only early mornings are suitable for study, but I found that the brightest period for study is that period between 2100 to 0100hrs. I am none the worse for it. It is up to the individual's circadian rhytm. Pl do not bother.


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