Scalability - the mantra for sustainable social change

Setting out to make social change is good to hear but it is tough to actually get done. I haven't made any or for that matter actually have started doing anything big towards that but I have had opportunities to be part of or to contribute to multiple ventures/initiatives over the course of the last 4 years. Through these learning experiences I have come to realize the importance of two factors for making sustainable social change - persistence and scalability. A case in point is the TidyCity campaign which started in 2009 and which has been gaining ground and momentum over the past year or so.

We are all part of an unfair system. Care to change it?

Today at 4PM 14 people met together in a comfortable room at the Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and employment (SPACE). These were people who came together because they wanted to see how they could contribute towards fighting unfairness and injustice in the world. These were people who came together because they felt that they could do something about it.

Tidy City Campaign starts off with Museum Clean Up


Like mentioned in my previous post there is a new initiative by a group of youngsters to contribute towards building up the awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean and in managing waste. As part of this initiative we are planning to conduct a 2 hr Museum (Trivandrum) cleanup drive. Since the major reason why we have to deal with waste in the first place is a lack of awareness/concern among the general public, that is the aspect that we are trying to address through thIs clean-up drive. Do read more about the museum cleanup and join the mailing list if you are interested.

Freedom Walk on Slashdot

The FSF blog post on Freedom Walk was posted to Slashdot. The following is the Slashdot URL.

Do vote up and promote the story.

Freedom Walk on FSF blogs

During the Free Software Free Society Conference recently held in Trivandrum, I had an opportunity to interact with none other than the one and only RMS and shared my experiences about the Freedom Walk campaign. He asked me for detailed information about the campaign which I had gladly provided. This has now been published on the FSF blog and you can read this article about Freedom Walk on FSF

Walking to promote Activism - Freedom Walk

I have long been saying that I wanted to actively get involved in Social Activism. When I started the company Zyxware, the definite vision was to be able to use the company to actively drive the change I wished to see in the world. We have been in operation for more than two years now and we are embarking on a very ambitious project this time. It is called Freedom Walk and a team of volunteers are going to walk from Kasargod to Trivandrum to mobilize Social, Environmental and Free Software Activism and to promote collaboration between activist Individuals and organizations across the state. I for one am planning to walk all the way from Kasargod to Trivandrum and we already have a team of volunteers who have signed up to walk in stretches.

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