Back to work after Freedom Walk


I completed my pilgrimage across Kerala and resumed my life at Zyxware this Monday. Freedom Walk ended on the 14th but then I had to present a paper on Zyxware at the National Conference on Free Software, and was away for the weekend. Back in office I have a tonne of pending stuff to take care of but am slowly getting back on track. I also have a lot to write on my experiences from the Freedom Walk campaign.

The walk had given me the opportunity to see people from all across Kerala and to interact with them on a one-on-one basis. It was truly an amazing experience and something which has to be experienced to be able to really feel it. Most of the physical aspects of the walk has been covered in the Freedom Walk website( and I will only be trying to share my thoughts and what I felt through the campaign.

We, myself and Cherry, are planning to write a book about our experiences. We really want to publish all the photos with the book but alas that will make the book at least 10 kg in weight and 10000 pages big :-). We had taken around 9000 photos during the trip. That should be a very good photo documentary of a slice of Kerala.

We also want to share with possible future Freedom Walkers some tips on how to and how not to plan and organize something similar to this. We have ideas about doing something similar and bigger in the future. We just don't know what, when and how. So don't be surprised if you hear that we are going to walk across the planet one day :-)

All these will probably have to wait as I am going to focus quite a lot on my business operations to compensate for the lost 1.5 months. So there it is, I am back in Zyxware trying to smoothen processes and to scale up operations.

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