Articulating the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and beyond

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my cousin Thomas who is running his own firm in Bangalore (Stylus Inc). We normally have these long cousin-cousin talks once in a while, where he would closely enquire about happenings with Zyxware and share his contextually relevant experiences in building up his firm. Yesterday we discussed about the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and he impressed upon me the need to get it out in the public.

How my work is taking control over my life

I am an aggressive advocate of the policy of trying to be in control over ones own life. Absolute control over ones life is a myth as man is a social animal and there are too many interdependencies and too many external parameters that he cannot possibly be in control of. Buy my philosophy is to take control of at least those parameters of your life which you can possibly control. You can never get in complete control over your life but you can control it to varying degrees depending on your circumstances. There were certain areas of my life that I was under the impression of having been in complete control over but which proved to be not so.

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