Google is not going to have its way.

If you have not read Google's corporate mission then here it goes - 'Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.'. The way they had set out to doing this was to initially offer a very powerful search engine that made the world's information available at everyones fingertips. Now they were making money by guessing people's preferences based on the content they search for and by showing them relevant advertisements and acting as a shrewd marketing agent. Well they didn't stop there.

Google has a new Favicon


I don't know if people notice favicons, but I do, especially given that I use Firefox and heavily uses tabs for browsing. For those who has not yet noticed this Google has started using a more colorful favicon which is a slightly modified version of its elegant blue g favicon that it was using until this change.

For goodness sake use that feed reader - A howto on using a feed reader


Whenever friends call me, they ask me what I have been up to these days and how my company is doing. I humor these questions by explaining in detail what I have been up to and on what Zyxware has been doing recently. But the sad part about this exercise is that I would very likely have blogged about all major events on my blog or updated on my company site. When I mention this the excuse I would normally get is that they check the sites once in a while but missed the recent updates. This, by Jove!, is what Feed Readers are for.

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