Stating the reality is not being pessimistic


Recently a friend of mine asked me if everything was right with me and my company. I had confirmed in the affirmative. The reason why he asked was that my recent posts have tended towards negative. I felt that an explanation was due regarding this issue. Starting a new company and running it on my own was not and is not and will not be a simple task.

You cannot expect all things to turn out right. Obviously things have to go wrong too because otherwise the odds of probability would be stacked too high against you for each succeeding action :). Of course I was not expecting everything to be perfect when setting up and running a company on my own. What fun would it have been if all things could have been predicted and planned for.

I have just been trying to state the facts as it has been happening in my life and in the life of my company. Yes some of the things that have happened in the recent past were not things that I would have liked to happen. Things like people quitting, my time being wasted in non-productive but quite unavoidable tasks, inefficiencies in the company etc are part of the reality. I have to face it, accept it and overcome it. As simple as that.

One reason I wanted to run a business was be able to learn the art of running a business. And part of the learning process is to learn to handle tough situations. If everything were served on a platter how in the world would I have been able to learn how handle situations. I hope I have made myself very clear about this.

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