First Drupal Membership, Now FSF Membership


Zyxware had earlier joined the drupal association and now we have paid for one associate membership for the CEO, viz myself :-).

FSF Member Drupal Association Member Badge


I do not consider that joining these two organizations is a big deal. In fact it is not even comparable in any degree to the amount of contributions these organizations give back to the society at large. But joining them is a way of showing that we do respect and appreciate the work that they are doing in the community. Also it is a small token contribution to help these organizations move towards achieving what they have set out for.

As a company we have been doing whatever we could to promote Free Software - be it code contribution, community participation, advocacy or financial contribution. Being small as we are, we know that our contributions are as drops in an ocean. But let us not forget that little drops make a big ocean. So I urge Free Software enthusiast who are financially capable of joining or contributing to these organizations to do so.

going good? long time without any updates?!


You are right .
We should give a few drops if we are getting some penny from them . There is no other way for these to flurish like the proprietary software's .
Good luck .


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