I taught Kerala Police a Lesson


I am sure that there are quite a few out there who would like to do what I have done, only that they might not have the courage and determination to do so. Yes I taught Kerala Police a lesson this week. As a matter of fact, it was not just one but really a handful.

Well what else could I have taught other than a lesson in Free Software :-). I have been taking Free Software Classes at the Police Training College of The Kerala Police during this last week as part of an ongoing initiative by the department to switch to Free Software.

The Police department of the State of Kerala has decided to move to Free Software completely. They have already started using CIPA developed by NIC and running fully on Free Software (knoppix customized by NIC) for their operations. They are still in the transition phase and are currently trying to solve their capability limitations through such training programs.

I have been taking classes at the PTC on and off for the last two months. Since most of the people who have been receiving this training were virtually computer illiterate I have been having a tough time explaining things in their simplest terms. It was however really rewarding to see people getting interested in the concepts of Free Software and eagerly trying to learn whatever is taught in the class. The classes were primarily focussed on building basic computer awareness using Free Software platforms. Basic OpenOffice.org training has been another component of the training program so far.

If the department continues this initiative, I am sure they will be able to smoothly complete the transition and emerge as self sufficient champions of Free Software in the near future. It is also interesting to note that economics is one simple reason why Police department has decided for this aggressive makeover. Only if other departments would take their cue and start this process....

What u did is great!! but initially i thought the other way around


great one!

its a very nice work. keep the updating. you have a fine and soft language .

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