Exploring revenue generation opportunities in Free Software


Zyxware has been carving for itself a niche in the local market as a trusted promoter and supporter of Free Software and related technologies. As the company has been growing we have been trying to figure out methods to capitalize on this brand value and in generating revenues and at the same time give back to the community.

Today we had a small impromptu discussion at Zyxware between a small group of luggies regarding possible opportunities in the high value services sector. We have not decided on anything but we have set the ball rolling. This is one of the exciting parts of running my own business. It is like a big game. You scheme out strategies, you chalk out plans, you envision possible scenarios and outcomes and then you go ahead and implement your ideas.

Discussion of possible plans have always been fun. Earlier it used to be just myself and Joju Joshua, Manager - Operations, Zyxware. But recently we have been including guys from the ilug-tvm gang in our discussions and these discussions have become more productive and more exciting.

There was another discussion about a new method of sharing profits that I had come up with. The team dissected my original idea and we cleaned it up a lot. The idea is still a work in progress and I should post it some time soon on Thondom Raughts once it reaches a draft status.

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