Trying out my hand in taking formal classes


For the last 3 days I have been taking formal Free Software training sessions. On Tue I presented a Free Software Training Seminar at Rajagiri College of Social Studies (Kochi) for the MCA students there. For the next two days I taught a Basic Computer Awareness (using Free Software) class at the Police Training College at Thiruvananthapuram. Having just come back from the Freedom Walk campaign, I seem to have started building a liking for formal training opportunities.

Articulating the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and beyond

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my cousin Thomas who is running his own firm in Bangalore (Stylus Inc). We normally have these long cousin-cousin talks once in a while, where he would closely enquire about happenings with Zyxware and share his contextually relevant experiences in building up his firm. Yesterday we discussed about the vision behind and mission of Zyxware and he impressed upon me the need to get it out in the public.

Zyxware gearing up for a big campaign in 2008


Zyxware turned 2 on the 24th of June 2008. It has been a heck of an adventure full of excitement for the last two years and I am loving it. This year is slated to be far more exciting with a slew of projects and programs scheduled to be unveiled within the coming 5-6 months.

My interview on Kairali TV related to Zyxware Health Monitoring System


In October 2007, Zyxware launched its first major venture - Zyxware Health Monitoring System and released the application under GPL. The application was a web based system which can be used to track occurrences of diseases across any given geographical area. The application had caught the attention of most of the print and television media and was well covered by the media. I had managed to get hold of a copy of one of my interviews and was planning to get it on youtube sometime. I just got around to doing it and here are the videos

Zyxware starts selling on Ebay


It has been quite some time since our request to start a seller account was approved on ebay. However we had not gotten around to setting up items to be sold on ebay. Today I sat down and configured one item on ebay. It is a Ubuntu 8.04 DVD. You can also access the complete listings of products by Zyxware Technologies on Ebay

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