It is clean up time


As is wont I came back from church had food and took straight to my bed. I had a lot of pending sleep to make up. Around 3:00PM Aashik dropped by and he set up Malayalam on Fedora on one of our customer's PCs. I went back to sleep after it was done and woke up around 8 totally fresh and ready to have a go at my pending work :). However I was dismayed to find that a colony of ants, I had no clue from where, had decided to move into my laptop while I was sleeping.

I realized this when ants started pouring out from under the keyboard and behind the battery pack when I turned on the PC. I turned it off immediately as I did not want dead ants to short circuit my board. I opened up the laptop, took out the keyboard and other removable components and managed to get most of the ants out. Left the laptop like that for some more time to allow whatever ants that remained to get out.

I had been planning to clean my room for the last 6 months. Not that it was in a mess but that it had a lot of junk stuffed into boxes and bags when I cleaned it last for my sister's marriage. Painstakingly I cleaned up my complete room thought I would rather have sat on my pending work. I however didn't find any other colonies of ants :)

I was done around 1:00, checked mail and replied to a few mails and posted this and it is over and out for the day.

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