How I spent my Vishu.

Vishu is a traditional festival of Kerala. People wake up early on Vishu and try to see only auspicious stuff when they open their eyes on Vishu day. To facilitate this people noramlly keep auspicious (supposedly) stuff ready to be seen when they wake up. Since this does not apply to me I woke up very late today. I think it must have been the effect of three consecutive sleepless nights. If I don't get at least 6 hours of good quality sleep the succeeding day would inevitably be ruined. I would have a bad pain in my eyes the whole day and I would normally be listless and irritable. The long nights sleep was well due and I had a pretty good day.

I normally look forward to holidays not because I look forward to doing nothing but rather they give me an opportunity to catch up on the pending work. I however made a deviation from my usual holiday routine and spent the day visiting families and friends. I went to two of my friend's houses and then to one of my cousin's house.

In between house-calls I attended the review meeting of GLUG Trivandrum. The meeting was held to discuss about the GNU/Linux Install fest conducted last week. There was a detailed review of the Install Fest in the mailing list and this was the main agenda of the meeting. We gathered at Kanakakkunnu Palace grounds for our meeting and the GLUG meeting notes were duly prepared by Gokul Das and posted on the mailing list. As usual we had a lot of fun and had a nice 2 hour review on the Install fest.

After the days visits and meetings I came back and set out to work on the PC that was given to us during the Install fest. It was a pretty old machine probably 7 years old. I managed to load ubuntu on the system and set it up with fluxbox to make the system usable. Additionally I installed gnumeric and abiword for some basic openoffice functionalities. Running the full blown open office applications on that computer was definitely out of the question. I left the installation running and left office around 1:30AM, had dinner and went to sleep around 2:30AM

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