Promoting entrepreneurship in whatever way I can


"If you think you can make it out on your own you should at least give it a shot.", "If you think you can, You should", "It is your life, you live only once" - These are some of the sentences that would summarize my opinion about entrepreneurship. I am an entrepreneur and am enjoying every second of being one. I know how difficult it has been to be in a system that does not, in any way, promote entrepreneurial spirit and does what ever it can to stifle the spirit. I have survived this long and I know I shall prevail. Because of what I have faced I have made it a point to do whatever I can to help get other entrepreneurs going.

Whenever I come across people looking to start their own ventures or people who have already started their own ventures, I try to help them in whatever way I can. Be it promoting them online or among my friends and relatvies if they are already set up or transferring my knowledge and experience in setting up Zyxware, I try to play my part.

I give priority to appointments with entrepreneurs and normally postpone other programs to spend time with such people. In one way it is my way of fighting the system and trying to be the change I wish to see regarding entrepreneurship and in another way it gives me great intellectual satisfaction when dealing with people with similar attitudes. Additionally by connecting with potential future successes I am also building my future network connections which should in turn help me in my business.

Yesterday I came across this girl who had quit her high paying job in an MNC to pursue a career in Creative writing. She was looking for creative content development opportunities and was introduced to me by a mutual friend. I have not come across girls who would have taken such bold decisions as she had done. I went to her place with this friend of mine and shared whatever I knew about content development and related opportunities online. I also had a brief talk with her parents and I conveyed my surprise and admiration for their willingness to let their daughter take a risky but very likely successful step. I came to know that she is a regular blogger and she writes very well and her style shows good potential

I am a Marketing student and we are tasked in our advertising class to make an infomercial promoting entrepreneurship, we're having hard time making the script..any tip? tHanks!

Nice to see people like you encouraging Entrepreneurs.

Inspiring story, hope she finds success. Really do!

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