Starting off with my personal blog


It has been more than an year since I started blogging. The blogging initially consisted of writing down detailed discussions on specific thoughts that I found interesting. I have been documenting that through my blog - In addition I have been updating major events at my company through the company site -

Even with both these blogs there was a big gap in the amount of stuff I could share with my friends. People kept on asking me about details about the working of the company and detailed updates from my life. Thondom Raughts being a series of serious discussions, was ruled out for this purpose. being the company website was ruled out because the finer details might not look good on the company site. Besides I wanted to keep as much personal information out of the company website as possible.

Hence this site was born. I know that it is going to be a challenge to keep this updated. I am not committing to update this on a regular basis but I am hoping to record note-worthy events in my life and in zyxware on this blog. Unlike and the articles on this blog would most probably be short articles, just like what a weblog is supposed to look like.

The site is still being worked on and if you see things not working or falling apart, it is just that I am tweaking the settings or trying out new stuff. So if that happens, be patient and check back later. I hope to get all things up and running within a couple of weeks time.

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