A pleasant surprise by my nephew


I had no I idea as to what was in store for me when I checked my email today. I saw this notification from blogger that there is this pending comment that I need to approve on my blog post about me turning to vegetarianism. To my surprise the comment was by Adi (Adityan), one of my nephews, full 11 years of age, and who incidentally decided to go the vegetarian way a week back.

There were a couple of reasons for my surprise. One was the conviction and the questioning spirit behind Adi's decision to go vegetarian. He had not only decided to go vegetarian but also decided to identify logical reasons as to why he should be vegetarian. This is an attitude that I find it difficult find even among my friends of my age. The spirit of rationalism, the spirit of questioning, the spirit of adventure. From the comment I could see that Adi was clearly thinking about the topic and that the decision was not a sporadic one without any thought behind it.

I then tried to call him up but could not reach him and reached his mother (my cousin - Reena Chechi). Adi and his father, had gone out sight seeing. While talking to his mother I came to know that Adi had started a blog - Adi's Eye. This was the second reason for my surprise. I started blogging when I was 26 and here is my nephew who started his blog and he is only 11. I read through the blog and realized that this fellow had good acumen and a very clear thinking mind. The world is not doomed after all :-). We still have a chance for hope in our future generations if there are more guys like him out there.

This incident has again made me think about my vision. I know that change is possible and the keys to that lies with the children of today. So whatever work we have to do to make long term changes in the system has to be done through this section of the population. It has been a good start for my day.

Keep writing. I really enjoy reading your blog .

Thanx, i'll keep on writing more stuff on my blog and will even check yours!!

Keep writing. I really enjoy reading your blog.

The kid comes in a full package - Technology, English and Logic :-)
And yes kids today think a lot more than those of 10 years ago

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