On the eve of the First Mandriva Install Fest in Trivandrum


As a continuation of the massively successful first GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala we are organizing the first Mandriva Install Fest in Kerala. Zyxware has yet again taken the initiative to organize this meet with the GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum and Space-Kerala

How I spent my Vishu.

Vishu is a traditional festival of Kerala. People wake up early on Vishu and try to see only auspicious stuff when they open their eyes on Vishu day. To facilitate this people noramlly keep auspicious (supposedly) stuff ready to be seen when they wake up. Since this does not apply to me I woke up very late today. I think it must have been the effect of three consecutive sleepless nights. If I don't get at least 6 hours of good quality sleep the succeeding day would inevitably be ruined. I would have a bad pain in my eyes the whole day and I would normally be listless and irritable. The long nights sleep was well due and I had a pretty good day.

First GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala


Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of my life with Zyxware since the release of the Zyxware Health Monitoring System. The first publicly held GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala was successfully concluded yesterday. More reports on the event can be found on the GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum Mailing List and the GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum Website.

It is fun to be part of a Linux Users Group


I enjoy being in the company of people who enjoy logical and analytical discussions or who has a passion for the society or a passion for the environment. I broadly classify these people as rational people as I believe that all the three aspects - analytical discussions, passion for social causes, passion for environment are all rational. Ever since I returned to India, I have been trying to get myself into a company of such people. It took me almost 2 years to figure out such a company and join one.

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