First GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala


Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of my life with Zyxware since the release of the Zyxware Health Monitoring System. The first publicly held GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala was successfully concluded yesterday. More reports on the event can be found on the GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum Mailing List and the GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum Website.

I was totally blown away by the response of the general public. This was felt even more when I realized that people were actually showing more interest in the Install fest than at the nearby gaming event. The event was a big success in terms of the awareness it generated among the public and the exposure it gave for the Free Software Community in Trivandrum. There has been a couple of enquiries from schools in Trivandrum to conduct similar Install Fests at their campuses.

Normally when we gluggies meet together we have a lot of fun. The event was even more fun because of the spirit of camaraderie and bonhomie that was felt throughout. We are planning to hold a review meeting at Kanakakkunnu Palace tomorrow to discuss about the event, to figure out the weaknesses and deficiencies and to set out strategies for future events and future activities.

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