A weekend with my sister and my brother-in-law


I woke up early on saturday to go pick up my sister and her husband who were dropping by for two days. It had been some time since I had spent any time with her. I had been to bangalore and visited her place a couple of months back but then I barely stayed home as I had to visit my friends there. This was an opportunity to compensate for that and I think I did that well.

One of her friends' marriage was on Saturday. I started early for the railway station but en-route there was a police blockade and I ended up reaching the station 5 minutes late. I had made it ahead of the scheduled arrival time so had the train too. Once home, they freshened up and went for the marriage. I didn't drop them at the venue rather they took an auto and went themselves.

Back from the marriage they took some rest and we went out together in the evening to visit our relatives in Trivandrum. This gave me an opportunity to visit them too. I used to frequent their places on a very regular basis before I started Zyxware but these visits has become a rarity these days. We spent some jolly good time that evening and came back home.

Sunday morning, we went to our church at Kesavadasapuram. After church we came back home. We had also invited a cousin of mine and her husband for lunch on sunday. It was nice and reminded me vaguely of such occasions that were more frequent when we were younger.

As an interesting aside, my mother had called me before my sister's visit to see if she could coax me into buying some non-vegetarian food for my brother-in-law. My policy is simple - they are coming to visit me and be with me. They are not coming over for food and even if so they wouldn't be coming over to have food that I don't eat. You wouldn't go to a chinese restaurant and order Kerala Meals, would you?

Good to see that you are sticking to your guns. Keep it up.
But even so, I do not expect anyting less from you.



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