Need house / office for Rent in Trivandrum City

Update: I have got three places to move out to. So I am no longer looking for houses :-). Thanks for all those who saw the request and tried to help and all those who saw the request and ignored the request for help and those who saw the request and could not help. I got a house for rent near Kesavadasapuram opposite MG College for my computer sales and services outfit and a doublet house at Muttada for Software development and my residence.

It's movin time!. Zyxware is moving from our current location where we have had a good stint of close to 3 years. We have had both our hardware operations and our software development at the same office till now and with this move we are planning to split our office to two locations. We are looking potentially for two houses which can be used for this purpose within Trivandrum city. Details and specifications given below.

Small to Medium House for Hardware Sales and Services

For our hardware operations we are looking for a one bedroom or a two bedroom house (preferably independent house) which has to be adjacent to a road which has sufficient traffic and sufficient parking on the roadsides. Our current office is a house within a residential lane and we have not been able to generate walk-in sales. We are hoping to break this problem with this move. We are looking for a house somewhere in the vicinity of Kowdiar / Vellayambalam / Sashthamangalam / Vazhuthacaud / Thaicaud / Thampanoor / PMG / Plamood / Kuravankonam / Pattom / Kesavadasapuram and meeting the above criteria. If I can find a very good house meeting the listed criteria outside of these places but still accessible I will probably be interested as well.

Medium to Large House for Software Development

For our software operations we are looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom house which has to be accessible by bus (single bus from Thampanoor and Kizhakkekotta). It would be good to have this house not too far from our hardware operations as it would make it more convenient for us to manage operations.

Small to Medium House for - yours truly :-)

It would be great if I can also get an apartment or a house - 1 + study or 2 bedroom - next or walkable from the software operations. It would be perfect if I can get all three in the same neighborhood but we will probably adjust even if it is not.

I am not looking at very expensive locations or houses. What I am looking for are decent places with average rent. It would be great if we could get longer term leases like 2 or 3 years so that I can safely invest in setting up the office.

One thing I liked about our current set up was that I got to meet a lot of my Free Software friends on a regular basis when they dropped by to buy bits and pieces of computer hardware. Although I would normally be in the middle of some software work I used to enjoy these breaks. Once we move out into our new setups I am going to miss these interactions.

But that is life. We have overgrown our current office [and of course they were asking for a rent which I felt was a tad too high :-), especially these days] and it is always good to move once in a while. Looking back I think I had moved my residence 7 times in 5 years while I was in the US. This is only the first move I am making in 3 years. That is not too bad.

I heard that the rates in Technopark are around Rs. 25-35 per sqft range. That might not be a lot when you look at it but being out of Technopark offers lot of conveniences currently - as in conveyance for employees. Conveyance for CEO :-), proximity to the hardware operations etc. But yes we have it in our sights and we will be moving in soon, as soon as we have a reasonably smooth independent software operations.



I wont be able to help you get what you require in TVM as I am no where close by!. What I can do is wish you and Zyxware good luck in the coming years. :)


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