Tidy City Campaign starts off with Museum Clean Up

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Like mentioned in my previous post there is a new initiative by a group of youngsters to contribute towards building up the awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean and in managing waste. As part of this initiative we are planning to conduct a 2 hr Museum (Trivandrum) cleanup drive. Since the major reason why we have to deal with waste in the first place is a lack of awareness/concern among the general public, that is the aspect that we are trying to address through thIs clean-up drive. Do read more about the museum cleanup and join the mailing list if you are interested.

If you sympathize with the cause you can join the mailing list by sending a mail to friends-subscribe at tidycity dot org or by using the form given on the site www.tidycity.org. The list and the site is not just meant for people from Trivandrum alone. Do join and be part of the initiative and take your own initiative around the place where you live and use the site and the list to share your experiences. Let us all join our hands together and work towards this common goal.

The objective of this activity is to contribute towards building awareness around the cause. We understand that cleaning museum grounds for a day won't change the garbage scenario in the city but remember - little drops make an ocean. Additionally through such activities we are also hoping to reach out and connect with people who share this passion.

If you stay in or around Trivandrum do join us for the clean up by dropping by at the Museum grounds at 4PM. We will meet at the main entrance at 4PM and then move on from there. You wont miss us, we will have some cleaning up paraphernalia with us. -Do come prepared to get your hands dirty. But don't worry politicians do it all the time, the getting hands dirty part, so it must be safe :-). So come let us have some fun.

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