It is never too late to follow your passion

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I am an ardent advocate of the theory that people should follow their dreams and passions than just follow orthodox conventions. I believe I have been doing that myself and I try to promote anybody who I think is doing that. It gives me great satisfaction and pleasure to see people try that and succeed in it. One of the excuses I hear from people is that they have made wrong career/educational choices and that they are stuck with their choices. Oh no I don't, neither does one of my friends - Jeoraj Stanley George

No Jeoraj did not make any wrong career choices. He was a classmate of mine at CET (College of Engineering, Trivandrum). He completed his BTech in Electronics and Communications and went on to take a Diploma in Drums and Percussions from the Drumtech Institute in London. Currently he is in Chennai as a Professional Drummer teaching at prestigious music schools in Chennai and performing professional shows.

While at CET, he was the drummer in the college band and there was no question in any of our minds about his artistic capability or the enthusiasm. You can watch some of Jeoraj's videos on Youtube and see for yourself. But there were lot of other people before him and after him who have been in the college band. I am not sure if anybody else have pursued their passion to the next level like Jeo did. If at all, there would only be a handful.

Jeoraj did his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications from one of the Top 30 Engineering Colleges in the Country and then is currently pursuing his career as a professional drummer. How is that for a late trajectory change. Now do you have any reason to gripe that your decision regarding your course selection was wrong and that you have to suffer being in your current career path for the rest of your life. No you don't have to.

I am not saying that you should quit everything else and blindly follow your passions and dreams. Do a feasibility study and see what you can do based on your capabilities. It might also be a good idea to have something to fall back upon if everything goes wrong. Jeo had his BTech background if his music career had not clicked. But then this safety net is not a requirement though it might be a comfort. It must however be remembered that you will learn cycling faster if you don't have the training wheels :).

It is never really too late to switch directions. After all it is your life and nobody else's. Follow your dreams and passions and give it a shot. Give it one real good shot. There is no guarantee that you will succeed in your attempt but you will never know if you don't attempt and if you fail you would at least have tried and failed.

I hope that Jeo climbs the ladder up in the Music Industry and becomes a famous drummer so that all of us can be proud of one more person who have succeeded in follwoing his dream.

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