Why do I work late - consistently


I am a confessed and professed night bird. I sit late and I am comfortable doing it. People have been warning me of the possible health risks I might run into as I grow older. However I seem to not be able to help it. Take for an example today.

A weekend with my sister and my brother-in-law


I woke up early on saturday to go pick up my sister and her husband who were dropping by for two days. It had been some time since I had spent any time with her. I had been to bangalore and visited her place a couple of months back but then I barely stayed home as I had to visit my friends there. This was an opportunity to compensate for that and I think I did that well.

A streak of relatively unproductive days


I have been stretched to my physical limits with very long days for the past few days before this 1st. However it has been more than compensated by a series of unproductive days since then. Not that I am unhappy about it :). I needed the break and this has helped me recharge my batteries.

Yet another long day


Yet another busy day comes to an end. I spent my morning as a driver as there was a dearth of staff with driving abilities. I came back to office around noon after the morning errands. The whole of afternoon, internet was down and I spent time with the software team. In between when internet connection was live I spent time trying to figure out how to set up on Ubuntu 8.04. I had set it up for one of my customers a few days back. I was able to set it up on my laptop today. Now I got to get around to writing an article on this and post it on

It is clean up time


As is wont I came back from church had food and took straight to my bed. I had a lot of pending sleep to make up. Around 3:00PM Aashik dropped by and he set up Malayalam on Fedora on one of our customer's PCs. I went back to sleep after it was done and woke up around 8 totally fresh and ready to have a go at my pending work :). However I was dismayed to find that a colony of ants, I had no clue from where, had decided to move into my laptop while I was sleeping.

Why I started a second blog


I already have another blog Thondom Raughts which I use to publish reasonably long articles about my thoughts on specific topics that are interesting to me. Though I use the blog primarily as a tool to bring more clarity to my thought I have found it satisfying to see that people do read my blog and have interactive comment sessions.

How I spent my Vishu.

Vishu is a traditional festival of Kerala. People wake up early on Vishu and try to see only auspicious stuff when they open their eyes on Vishu day. To facilitate this people noramlly keep auspicious (supposedly) stuff ready to be seen when they wake up. Since this does not apply to me I woke up very late today. I think it must have been the effect of three consecutive sleepless nights. If I don't get at least 6 hours of good quality sleep the succeeding day would inevitably be ruined. I would have a bad pain in my eyes the whole day and I would normally be listless and irritable. The long nights sleep was well due and I had a pretty good day.

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