We are looking for a Marketing Manager

We (Zyxware) are looking for a Marketing Manager to bolster our sales and growth. We have been depending on passive marketing ever since we started but we have reached a stage where we need a person who can dedicatedly focus on marketing and growth through marketing. The person we are looking for should also understand that we are a company which was started with a vision and hence has a very strong commitment towards our ethics and principles. There are also other interesting positions open. Check out Zyxware Careers for more details.

Marketing Zyxware is going to be a challenging, yet fulfilling job, because of the ethical framework within which we operate. Unlike the traditional norm of marketing, where the strategy borders on deception, our Marketing will be based on the value of our vision - we need a person who understands this and is excited about using this as the foundation of our marketing strategy.

Our ambitions are large and we need a person who can match up to our ambitious vision and chart a marketing strategy and implement it. The person will have access to the resources, the manpower, and the brand of Zyxware at his disposal to implement the strategy that he/she is going to draw up for the company.

The position is going to be a risky position because of the challenge behind it. We are only looking for capable people bold enough to take the challenge up. We are not going to give the person a guarantee on what he/she can make out of the job. There is only one guarantee - We are going to make it - and the question is - Do you want to be part of it.

A brief profile of our operations

a) Software development primarily focusing on web application development
b) Sales and Services of computers and peripherals
c) Domain Name Registration and Hosting
d) Free Software Support, promotional activities and enterprise services

Our Key Marketing Strengths

a) The core vision behind our existence - Be the change you wish to see in the world
b) Our ethics and principles.
c) The brand that we have built so far

If you are game for this challenge and you would like to know more, drop us a mail and we can take it on from there.

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