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Cleanliness is only a perception, it is all about concentration


A couple of days back I re-washed a dish which I felt was not clean enough to my liking. While doing that I thought of all the people out there who would not have bothered doing what I had done and then suddenly this struck me - whatever I was defining as cleanliness was still only a perception.

Serial Killer at Alwaye Railway Station, Kochi


At around 5:30AM today morning, a bearded young man walked inside Alwaye railway station. He was carrying a dark duffel bag and a carry bag containing something really heavy. He walked confidently to the ticket counter and took a ticket to his destination. Taking his bags he walked to the far end of the railway station and identified a strategic seat next to a halogen lamp post.

You don't need a horn to drive in Trivandrum City


Last day I gave my car for service and got its horn repaired. It must have been almost two months since the horn stopped working and I have been driving for the last two months without a horn. Can you believe this? I mean I never thought I would survive a day without horn driving on Indian roads. But I did and I am no meek driver.

A pleasant surprise by my nephew


I had no I idea as to what was in store for me when I checked my email today. I saw this notification from blogger that there is this pending comment that I need to approve on my blog post about me turning to vegetarianism. To my surprise the comment was by Adi (Adityan), one of my nephews, full 11 years of age, and who incidentally decided to go the vegetarian way a week back.

Disclaimer about the usage of masculine and feminine pronouns


I run another blog with random thoughts that I come across in my daily life. The posts are pretty long and are primarily meant to make my ideas and convictions clearer about the thoughts and ideas I discuss about. The blog is not really meant for the casual reader and would require people with reasonable patience and interest in the topic to be able to read through the blog. The posts are also very often very long.

Cleaning up my email inbox


I must be receiving around 50 emails (not including spam) everyday. Quite a few are from free software mailing lists that I have subscribed. Some are from Zyxware.com in the form of automated notifications about actions on the site. It is not practical to go through all emails and I normally leave those mails that I cannot take action on or those mails that do not have subject lines worth looking at or those emails that do not require any action as unread. Over a course of time this accumulates and I end up spending hours at a stretch to clean up my inbox once in a while. Today was such a day.

How to not meet prospective employees


I am sure there must be lot of How To's online describing how you should behave and present yourself and your company to prospective employees. Here is my addition to that list but as a short how to on how to not meet prospective employees and/or their families. This how to applies very easily for IT companies but the cases might apply for non-IT companies also.

My interview on Kairali TV related to Zyxware Health Monitoring System


In October 2007, Zyxware launched its first major venture - Zyxware Health Monitoring System and released the application under GPL. The application was a web based system which can be used to track occurrences of diseases across any given geographical area. The application had caught the attention of most of the print and television media and was well covered by the media. I had managed to get hold of a copy of one of my interviews and was planning to get it on youtube sometime. I just got around to doing it and here are the videos

Driving can be fun on Indian Roads


Today I had to drive around 30 kilometers to attend a wedding reception of one of my friends. In spite of my schedule I wanted to go because I had given him my word that I would be there for the reception. I was planning to go by bus as it would not have been any less convenient to go by bus than by car. However by the time I got out of my office it was already too late to go by bus. So I decided to go by car half-heartedly. Additionally I had to come back early to pick up and drop off a cousin of mine from her work to her home.

Stating the reality is not being pessimistic


Recently a friend of mine asked me if everything was right with me and my company. I had confirmed in the affirmative. The reason why he asked was that my recent posts have tended towards negative. I felt that an explanation was due regarding this issue. Starting a new company and running it on my own was not and is not and will not be a simple task.

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