Software Project Manager position open at Zyxware

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As we (Zyxware) are gearing to enter the next phase in the life of our company i.e. growing from a small business to a medium enterprise we are looking for people to take up key positions in our operations. One position which we are planning to fill as soon as possible is that of a Project Manager. We are looking for a mid level IT professional with good Project Management capabilities for this position

We're interested in people with the usual qualities associated with IT project managers - good leadership qualities, strong people skills, excellent communication skills and a good understanding of the relevant technologies involved. Since we work extensively with Drupal, the job would be considerably easier for somebody who has exposure in Drupal/Wordpress/Joomla than otherwise. Similarly, with general web based application development. Experience in interacting with and managing offshore clients will be an asset on the role.

If you are a mid level professional looking to move into a career in project management, or if you are already performing that role at a senior level professionally, but looking for some startup excitement and associated challenges, then we'd be interested in having a word with you.

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