Perseverance is the only guaranteed way to success.

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I wrote quite a while back about this close friend of mine who was trying to make it in the music industry as a Music Director. It looks like he has already gone a long way in this direction. He had since then started a music company and has already created and released an album - Megha Malhar. Pretty impressive stuff for somebody who had to work his way against the system and get out of the career he has been trained for by the system to follow a career as directed by his passion.

Now there are two specific aspects that I wanted discuss related to this :-

a) The only guaranteed way to success is perseverance

Even though this is only a beginning of a hopefully long and successful music career, Damodar has been persisting with his efforts to make it in the music industry ever since he set out on this. If I remember right he finished his engineering degree almost 4 years back. His first commercial music album came out only very recently. Most people would have given up on a pursuit like this long before 4 years. What he has shown is that persistence pays.

The lure of an easy-living, fast-earning IT career was always within his reach all this while. I am pretty sure he must have had to face a lot of pressure from his social/peer circles as well. But the chap persisted and has shown that persistence pays. I have heard that it is unbelievably difficult to get a publisher to take on an album by a new director/composer. Well he made it through that barrier. I hope it is going to be a bit more easier as he moves on. I wish him all the best as he makes his way forward in his music career.

Youngsters setting out on their own should look at this and keep note. Don't give up even if things don't turn out well immediately. Focus on building capability and expertise. Things will turn your way and you will eventually succeed in what you set out to do.

b) The sad state of the educational system / social system

Anybody who has known Damodar from his childhood days would have realized that the guy was passionate about music. Now ironically he did a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and communication. Not that he was not technically inclined or intellectually suited for an engineering discipline. He came out with flying colors from one of the top Engineering Colleges in the state in a much sought after discipline.

Unfortunately this is a symptom of the sad state of education in the country. I guess I can't blame the education system alone. What are the job opportunities for people trained in music - bleak at best. So the whole system is not tuned towards creating individuals who are trained at doing what they are passionate about or what they are capable of. It is more geared towards creating individuals that are demanded by the industry. Unfortunately the commercial system does not demand a lot other than engineers or managers or doctors or lawyers. Those who don't make these end up making up the rest of the professions.

As a society we need to change as well. We shouldn't blindly be promoting career choices based on the options that we think are the best. Let youngsters chose whatever they are passionate about. Guide them and help them make their decisions but let us not take the decisions for them.

For those who are looking to hear the whole music album you can probably buy it from one of the local music stores. You can also listen to the album at Raaga and MusicIndiaOnlne

The following are the relevant links for listening to Damodar's new album online

The following are media links related to the new album by Damodar

You can know more about Damodar at his facebook profile

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